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Our goal when staging a home is to dramatically transform the space to achieve a timely and more profitable sale. In today's competitive market, professional home staging is the essential element needed to capture the attention of potential buyers. Most people are visual, and need a point of reference to relate to a new environment. Scale is key in showing "what a home can do". Our investment in quality designer furnishings is a compliment to each home we stage, and gives the buyer a vision from which to begin.

"Staging to me is creating an immediate emotional impact! This first visual experience is a one-time opportunity, one that is not always easily retained by real estate agents and home buyers." - Andrea Braund

Hourly staging consultation - The consultation is educational to both the home owner and agent, and provides the start to the process involved in getting a property ready to sell. Each consultation includes a complete walk-through of the interior and exterior of the property, and includes a detailed report and an analysis of the changes that are recommended for preparing your home for the resale market.

Complete and partial home staging - The services we offer range from “re-working” a homeowners existing furnishings, to completely furnishing an entire home and outdoor living space. This includes landscaping, outdoor pots, paint/color consultations and design services.